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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Recycling Projects: Plastic Jug Scoop

Plastic Jug Scoop

This project is fairly quick and simple, as I’m a little short on time today. Fortunately, the end result has many potential uses!

Supplies Needed:
•    Scissors/ Knife
•    Plastic jug with handle (i.e.: gallon milk jug).
•    Acrylic paint (optional)

This will involve some simple cutting. Please supervise your children during this process.


1. Cut out the shape of a scoop from the side of a jug, using the handle of the jug as the handle of the new scoop. It’s a little hard to describe, so here is a simple picture that you can follow:

The shape of the scoop can be cut so that the “blade” of the scoop is flat edged, like a snow shovel, or pointed, like a spade. Pick the shape depending on what you want to use your scoop for.

2. The scoop can be used as a beach toy or a sandbox shovel. In this case, it would be suitable to allow your child to paint the scoop. However, if it’s going to be employed to, for example, scoop dog food, I would avoid painting it so that paint chips don’t end up in Fido’s bowl.

Like I said, quick and easy. What you can you use your new scoop, made from 100% recyclable material, for? I already mentioned a couple:
  • Sandbox/ Beach toy
  • Pet food scoop
  • Cat litter scoop
  • Garden shovel
  • Walkway salt scoop 
  • Baking ingredient scoop
  • Dinner-serving utensil
  • Bird seed scoop
  • Dustpan for small broom
Thank you for reading Viridorari's sixth "Recycling Project for Kids." Come back on Friday for "Activism Spotlight" and "Suggested Reading." Do you have ideas to share with Viridorari? Have you heard about an awesome environmental organization, or done a fun recycling project with your kids? I'm always looking for fresh ideas, and I would love to get some contributions from readers. Let me know in the comments section, or email me at  Also, if you send in pictures of your Viridorari recycling projects, they will be featured on the blog!

Thank you for reading! With determination and team work, the average Joes of the world can come together and reverse climate change. Never forget that!

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