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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Recycling Projects: Carton Wallets

Carton Wallets

This is a cute and fun project for kids that could make a great father’s day present! It takes about an hour and some patience, but will hopefully keep them occupied. There is cutting with this project, so please supervise or help them.

Supplies Needed:

Half gallon milk or juice carton with cap
Paper towels or kitchen rag (rags are less wasteful!!!)
Wallet template (see picture below)
Ballpoint pen
Butter knife


1. Rinse out the carton. Remove the cap from the carton and set it aside, but don’t get rid of it. Cut open the carton and lay it flat. Use a kitchen rag to dry the inside.

2. Make a template. Tape the template onto the carton so that the top circle lines up with the spout of the carton.

3. Trace the outline of the pencil with your ballpoint pen, and then using pressure, trace the lower circle and the dotted lines so that they create creases on the carton for easier folding. Use a ruler to make straight lines.

4. Use scissors to cut the lower circle. Use a ruler and the butter knife to further score the fold lines.
Fold along the fold lines. Create an accordion fold on each side of the wallet. This step may take some time.

5. Tightly squeeze the accordion folds, fold the top flap down, push the spout through the hole, and screw on the cap. You have successfully made a recycled carton wallet!

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