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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Recycling Project: Plastic Bottle Watering Can

It is springtime, and I’ve been discussing various things you can do in relation to gardening on Viridorari. So, for this week’s recycling project, I’m going to show you how to make a watering can for your garden out of recycled bottles (a pretty easy, self-explanatory project) that your kids will enjoy using to help you out in the garden. At the same time, as they use a recycled tool, they will be learning the importance and simplicity of incorporating greener habits into their lives.

    This project requires you to puncture holes into a container. Please supervise your children closely during this step or complete it yourself. The kids will most likely enjoy this project more when it is being used in the garden, rather than actually making it.

Supplies needed:

  • Bottle: laundry detergent bottle, juice container, milk jug, etc.
  • Awl or nail and hammer


1. Using the awl or nail and hammer, puncture many holes in the base or the cap of the container. Or, puncture the holes in a place that you think will be most convenient for pouring. Be sure to have someone hold the container steady while you are installing the holes.

2. You may want to puncture a hole or two in the opposite end of the container from the pouring holes to allow for air flow and easier pouring. This isn’t necessary, however.

3. Fill your container with water and use it to sprinkle your garden with just the right amount of water! Be sure to have your kids help you.

 No longer using your original water can? Don’t throw it out! Sell it to a second hand shop, donate it, gift it, or find an alternative use for it (perhaps paint it and use it as a garden decoration, or a container for garden tools).

Have you done a recycling project? Viridorari wants to see pictures of it! Send them to me at, and your pictures will be featured on the next recycling project post! Be sure to follow Viridorari on Twitter (@viridorari) to receive updates on the blog and the latest environmental news.

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