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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Climate March Update #4

Fantastic news: I am 83% of the way to my goal! I am only $63 away from the $3,800 mark — the cost of my marching expenses. After that, the remaining $700 will go toward my plane ticket, equipment, and emergency expenditures while I'm on the march.

Please, once I have reached the $3,800 mark, do not give any more donations on my fundraising site. Donations given online go directly to the Climate March, so you would be overpaying them. 

You can find my fundraising site, which lists all my donors and a progress bar, here.

More great news: The Climate March had a very successful start in Wilmington, CA on March 1st. Over 1,000 people turned out to the rally! The marchers have recently left California and entered Arizona, and the next big rally will be in Phoenix, AZ on April 7th. The mayor of Tucson, AZ has declared April 8th as Climate Action Day in honor the Climate March. I cannot wait to join the march in Taos, New Mexico on May 25th! 

I would like to recognize and thank all of my awesome sponsors. A special thanks to Heron Hill Winery on Seneca Lake for a very generous $10/day sponsorship! Click on the names in the list to check out their websites.

Gold Sponsors

Heron Hill Winery (Himrod)
Home Green Home (Ithaca)
Ithaca Hemp Company (Ithaca)
Palmyra-Macedon Rotary Club (Palmyra)
Cindy Meckley
Michael Serino

Silver Sponsors

"Boys of the Ozone"
Betty & Ron Green
Ron & RoseMarie Meservey

If you are interested, I am still accepting sponsorships. Silver Sponsorships are $81, or 50 cents for every day I march, and Gold Sponsorships are $162, or $1 for every day I march. If you donate more than $162, you will still be considered a Gold Sponsor. A very special and generous Gold Sponsor. I will be wearing t-shirts with my sponsors' names as I walk, so it could be a great way to get your business's name seen by thousands of people!

I also owe a special thank you to the Ithaca College Environmental Society for helping me secure a tabling spot in Campus Center on Fridays! 

T-Shirts – $20
I am getting some awesome t-shirts made for my supporters to wear! They will say "I support Faith as she walks 2,000 miles for the planet," and it will have a picture of the United States with my walking route drawn across it. 
I am taking pre-orders for the t-shirts so I can get an exact count of how many to make. My goal is to sell 50 of them! They are $20 each and they will be green. If you are interested, please email me at with the following information:

Your name
Phone number
How many you want
An address to ship them to if I cannot get them to you in person

All t-shirt orders and money are due April 15th! 

Bracelets – $2
I still have lots of silicon support bracelets left! They are green and they say "The Great Climate March" on them. If you can't afford much but still want to support me, they are a great option, and you can wear them proudly during the march. 

Here are some awesome people wearing their Climate March bracelets:

Ethan, Jaque, and Tyler

 Shayla (she got one for each wrist!)

Best friend Melissa :)

Media Coverage

I've gotten a bit of media coverage as of late. I appeared on the front page of the Finger Lakes Times on January 20th. You can see the article online here.  

Richard Morris, who runs an environmentally focused radio station called Green Local 175, invited me onto his radio show on March 18th for about a half hour. We had a great chat and hopefully it reached some eager ears! Green Local 175, serving the Utica–Rome area, airs on Tuesdays from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., and then again on Sundays from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. You can listen to the show online here

I am writing an article about the Climate March for Buzzsaw Magazine, Ithaca's alternative student magazine. Keep an eye out for the link in the sidebar of my blog under "My Environmental Journalism."

A List of Names

I have decided that while I walk, I will carry a list of names with me in my pocket. The names on this list will be of loved ones that we will do anything to protect. I invite you to send me the names of those that you would protect at any cost, and I will add their names to the list and keep them in my pocket through the whole 2,000 miles. Every night I will be able to read over the list and remember why I'm walking. 
You can tell me how you're related to them and why you want to protect them, or you can just tell me their names. Email me at to contribute to the list. 

The names I will be adding to the list are those of my younger cousins. As an only child they have been like siblings to me, and they are bright spirits, a positive mark in the world. I will be walking with their futures in mind, remembering that I am fighting for a better world for them to live in. 

Autumn – 12 years old
Dominic – 11
Alyssa – 7
Maddy – 7
Chance – 7
Sam – 2
Alicia – 1
Henri – due in April


Want to receive postcards from me as I travel across the United States? I will send you postcards from each state and all the major cities we stop in! All I ask is that you send me $15 to cover the costs of the post cards and postage. While this price doesn't help me fundraise, it will still be appreciated because it will offset the costs of the cards and the postage.

If you are interested, email me with your name and address at

You're awesome!

Thanks for your interest in my endeavors! I appreciate your support, whether monetary or moral, and I will have all of you in my hearts as I walk for the planet starting this May!