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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Recycling Projects: Pen & Pencil Organizer

The school season is in full swing now, and I know when I was in school I was constantly loosing my pens and pencils. This organizer can help your child keep all their utensils in one place, and they’ll have fun making it! This project comes from the blog Random Thoughts of a Super Mom.  
Picture courtesy of: Random Thoughts of a Super Mom
         Supplies Needed:

         -Cereal box, pancake mix box, snack box, etc.
         -Toilet paper rolls
         -Scrap paper/decorative paper/wrapping paper
         -Glue and tape
         -Markers/paint/paintbrush (optional)


         1. Cut off the bottom of the box so you have an open rectangular prism that is a few inches tall. Recycle the top of the box. Figure out how many toilet paper rolls can fit standing up in the box.

         2. Wrap the outside of the box and the toilet paper rolls in paper. If you’re using scrap paper that would have been recycled otherwise, use markers and paint to decorate the paper. Try to do this instead of using new paper.

         3. Apply glue on the rim of one side of each toilet paper roll and put them into the box standing up, glue down so it sticks. 

         4. Use scrap paper to label the outside of the box (maybe “School supplies,” “Pens & Pencils,” “[Name]’s Organizer” etc.) Use tape to attach it to the box.

         5. Fill with writing utensils and enjoy! You can use this in your room, your office, or you can even attach it to the inside of your school locker. They would also make great gifts for teachers and family/friends with desk jobs. 

Animal of the Month Update

            Although they mostly eat vegetation, manatees are omnivorous because they also consume small fish and invertebrate on occasion. They are capable of consuming 10-15% of their weight in vegetation each day.

            Manatees have a very slow reproduction rate, which makes replenishing their numbers difficult. A manatee becomes sexually mature at five years old. Female manatees have a calf every two to five years, and she will nurse her offspring for one to two years before they become independent of her. They are pregnant for approximately one year before giving birth. Twin calves are rare.


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