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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Recycling Projects: Yoga Mat Recycling

Uses for Yoga Mats
         Does Mom have an old yoga mat she’s planning on throwing out? Don’t let her! There are many fun ways to repurpose a yoga mat. My floor RA showed me this awesome page featuring twenty ways to repurpose a yoga mat, and I picked two to display here on Viridorari. Be sure to visit the page to see many more creative projects!

         Decorative Bulletin Board
         Supplies Needed:
         Old yoga mat (preferably colorful, especially for a girl’s room)
         Sewing pins (straight pins), duct tape (optional)
         Nails or Command products (to stick the board to a wall. Command products are less damaging than nails and allow easy removal)

         1. Cut the yoga mat down to the size you want, or use the whole thing for the bulletin board. It’s up to you. Consider also cutting the yoga mat into shapes, like a heart or a star, for a more personalized feel.
         2. Hang the mat where you want it on the wall. If you’re nailing it in, ask for help from your parents.
         3. Use the sewing pins to pin papers and pictures into the mat. You could also use pieces of duct tape to stick things to the mat. Personalize it and make it you!

         Household Slippers

         Supplies Needed:
         Old yoga mat
         A marker
         Hot glue or super glue

         1. Place your feet on the yoga mat and trace the shape of your foot about one inch out from the edge of your foot. Make two shapes for each of your feet (so you should have four cut outs).
         2. Glue together the two shapes for your left foot and the two shapes for your right foot so that you have a sole that is two yoga mat layers thick.
         3. Cut out rectangles for straps- make them as thick or as thin as you want them, and test them on your foot to make sure they reach from side to side.
         4. Glue the ends down onto your soles, making an arch for your feet to fit through.
         5. Allow the glue to dry before using your slipper/flip-flops.

Remember, if something is still useable, don’t throw it out! Try to consign it to a second hand shop, sell it in a yard sale, sell it online, or give it away to someone who would want and use it. All too often we throw out things that we no longer want, giving no consideration to passing it along to someone else.

Animal of the Month Update

A Bengal tiger in the Ranthambore National Park in India

      Tiger females typically give birth every two years to two or three cubs. If all the cubs in a single litter die, it is possible for a second litter to be produced in the span of five months. Tigers become independent from their mothers at two years of age and are sexually mature at three to four years old for females and four to five years old for males.
      Unfortunately, cub mortality is very high, making it difficult for the species to reproduce at a faster right. About half of all tiger do not make it to two years of age. Tigers can live to be twenty-six years old in the wild. This is much more likely to happen with captive tigers than wild ones, however.

A Sumatran tiger with her cub


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