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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Recycling Projects: Business Card Birds

This project is a great way for you to upcycle old business cards, either the ones you’ve accumulated over the years and don’t need, or you outdated set after you have new ones made. The kids will love this creative little project, and they can decorate their rooms with the end result.

Supplies needed:

-Two unwanted business cards
-Decorative paper and glue (optional)


1. Sketch a bird profile on one of the business cards. Make it like a rubber duck, without spread wings.
2. Cut out the shape with scissors.
3. If you want, cover your bird shape in decorative paper and glue it on.
4. Cut a small opening in the middle of the bird’s body. This is where the wings will go.
5. Take the second business card and fold it accordion style.
6. Slip the accordion card through the slit in the bird and fan out the wings. To hang for decoration, pull a string through the slit as well.
7. Repeat until you have as many birds as you need to brighten up a room!

Here is my rendition of a business card bird (mine isn't as elegant, I did it fairly quickly):

This project could easily become a mobile for a baby gift. What recycled materials could you use for the mobile frame? Straws? Popsicle sticks?

Speaking of birds, learn how to make a bird feeder from a plastic two liter bottle here.

To see the original business card bird project, along with two other ways to recycle business cards, click here

As always, I hope you have fun with the projects on Viridorari, whether or not you’re a kid. Remember, if you want your project to be featured on Viridorari, send in pictures to and they will appear on the next addition of “Recycling Projects for Kids!”

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